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About company
PJSC Promsvyazbank is a Russian bank founded in 1995. Included in the list of systemically important credit institutions, and also included in the TOP-10 banks of the country in terms of assets.
Banki.ru is the largest financial platform on the Runet, offering products for the banking, insurance, telecommunications and investment markets.
The concept was based on a hand-drawn theme, faceless characters, bright colors and gradient backgrounds.
Minimalism, lightness and simplicity.
Develop a promo-oriented project for the age category 25-40 years. To enable the user to improve their financial knowledge.
Entrance test to assess knowledge
Training process description
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Every day,
a new "training" opens
to a new "training "
Interview with an expert banker
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Interview with
an expert banker
Mobile version
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Training in a video lecture format with additional
textual information and the ability to share online
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The most effective way to test knowledge is testing in the form of a game quiz
Test results
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Internet advertising banners
Alternative design
Alternative covers for "training"
In an interview,
Miguel answers the most popular questions
The concept is based on a young girl as the face of the project
Sergey Kerber
Art-direction & Design
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