Alfa - Capital
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Alfa-Capital bank internal page for service
Main page design
Internal pages for the knowledge base section of the promo site, with one new article per section daily. After each article, there is a test of 10 questions, for a good passage you can get a gift from the bank
Each set of tests consists of a question and 4 possible answers, an easy way to get a gift from the bank
Each article consists of a picture, several paragraphs of text and the opportunity to share the material with friends
The mobile version has been developed taking into account the guidelines and UX standards, everything is aimed at ease of use and content perception
Other design options
We have worked out several home page design concepts with different stylistic elements and have chosen the best option
Sergey Kerber
Maxim Kolesnikov
As a result, a bright promo project has turned out, bringing people practical knowledge about investments and the history of financial markets
Other cases
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