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We solve complex business problems using simple and understandable interfaces. Our specialty is UX/UI design of custom products
We don’t Just build Websites – We help Businesses Grow
We do
Director's personal account
Minimalism and simplicity, the main emphasis is on quick perception of information and the overall picture of the organization
Analytical mobile app for regions city's leaders
A mobile app for iPad designed to showcase, manage and analyze projects on a national and regional scale
Special project from BANKI.RU
Creating a promo section for a special project within the site banki.ru
Promotional site
for the environmental protection project
Landing page design for a campaign to support conscious consumption
A platform for buying
and exchanging cryptocurrencies
Food ordering website
Еasy to sence food delivery website with filters, shopping cart and personal account
Website for self-leveling floors manufacturer
The design is based on: minimalism, non-standard grid, interesting block displacements, saturated colors and quality images
Website for
self-leveling floors manufacturer
The conсept was based on a hand-drawn theme,
faceless characters, bright colors and gradient background
Bank personal page
The concept was based
on a hand-drawn theme,
faceless characters, bright colors
and gradient background
A platform for buying
and exchanging cryptocurrencies
A platform
for buying
and exchanging cryptocurrencies
Card to crypto allows you to top up your account from any bank card and transfer funds to cryptocurrency
OUR presentation
Stages of work

01Industry Analysis

Our experts will carefully analyze your industry, highlight competitor’s features and assess the main emotional needs of the target audience. This will help to identify the key points in creating a design that is exactly suitable for your business tasks


Before the design development, we will fill out a visual briefing: Find the projects’ mood, right colors, fonts, optimal icons and interface style. Also, we will collect references with you: graphic content examples, photos, competitor’s sites and much more

03UX and CX research and analytics

UX and CX researches cover a variety of methods used to add context and understanding to the design process. The main goal is to animate the design process from end user’s point of view. Simply put, it helps to understand how the end consumer will react to your services


An important part of the work, which takes place in several stages. At every one we make a decision with the customer, so as not to miss any detail. At the beginning we will create a Warframe: this is a black-and-white layout with all the necessary blocks. Then we will add colors and style elements. You will feel like your project is coming to light


First, we are looking for a zest of the project: we carry out a preliminary analysis,sketching all kinds of ideas, creating a prototype and selecting the unique features of the company that emotionally convey the idea of ​​the brand. When everything is agreed, the designer gets to work. Soon we will show you a layout with a thoughtful interface

06Front-end Development

In our opinion, it should be adaptive, light and modern. At the development stage, we add most of the animation and interactivity to the project. Result: not just a set of pictures, but working pages with micro-interactions, conforming to HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript standards

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